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Is it possible to live in a big city like Toronto, and still pay smaller insurance premiums? Absolutely, yes!

Living in the largest Canadian city comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks - a significant disadvantage being the high insurance rates the city’s residents have to pay. The Toronto car insurance premiums are known to be the highest in the country. Due to the busy traffic, long commutes and 16-lane highway driving, with an increased risk of accidents and vehicle theft, it becomes even more crucial to have the right insurance policy - one that provides maximum coverage at the lowest price.
Toronto residents have a reason to cheer; InsuranceGenie is here to save the day! Here, you can compare quotes from a horde of car and auto insurance providers across the city, and get the biggest bang for your buck. Whether you’re buying a new policy or renewing an existing one, take the opportunity that InsuranceGenie offers and enjoy more considerable savings while you drive through the GTA.

Yes, to keep drivers protected from risks due to accidents, the government requires everyone to have an auto insurance policy for their vehicle.

The mandatory liability coverage in Ontario is $200,000. However, you can opt for more if you want to safeguard yourself against injury or damage to property in an accident.

The simplest way to save money on insurance is to browse cheap car insurance quotes in Toronto at Insurance Genie before you make a purchase. You can also bundle your car insurance along with your home or condo insurance into a single policy, which qualifies you for possible discounts and offers.

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