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Picturesque, safe and not too far from Toronto – what more could you ask from the lovely town of Caledon? We are lucky to live in this homely, warm community of the GTA. In the upcoming years, while Caledon develops fast into an urban area, drivers may find their auto insurance costs going up too.

However, with InsuranceGenie's free online tool, you can rest assured that your car insurance costs are as low as they can get. When you browse car insurance quotes for Ontario on our site, you have the advantage of knowing all your options before you choose the right one. We try to get quotes from as many local and national insurance companies as possible, to give you the upper hand while you buy car insurance online.

Car insurance in Caledon is about $1099 on an average, for a motorist with a good driving record. However, depending on the coverage you take for your vehicle and your driving history, car model, age, location, and claims history, insurance premiums can vary by hundreds of dollars. It's best to drive safe and purchase only the coverage you really need to keep insurance premiums optimum.

Auto insurance mandated by the Caledon government includes the following:
• Third-party liability (minimum $200,000 liability protection)
• Direct compensation property damage
• Accident benefits
• Unidentified or uninsured motorist coverage

As the population in the GTA grows, so does the traffic congestion. Moreover, car insurance fraud cases are also on the rise. These factors bump up car insurance rates, as insurers adjust the premiums to cover up for losses. To find cheap car insurance in Ontario, use our online insurance quote comparison tool.

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