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Ottawa’s busy roads ferry the country’s fourth-largest population around, from Parliament Hill to the Rideau Canal and all-round the town’s iconic spots. And its highway corridors 417 and 174 do the job of connecting people to the neighboring regions quite efficiently. Being the country’s capital, Ottawa boasts some of the safest roads, yet car insurance is mandatory, as it is in every other town in Canada.

You can’t do without auto insurance in this city, and being a responsible citizen means insuring your vehicle with the right coverage before taking it for a spin. Insurance Genie is here to help you out by sharing top quotes from Ottawa car and auto insurers, all in a couple of minutes. Come, look for car insurance quotes in Ottawa, and journey on the path to big savings!

The roads in the capital city are safe, hence less prone to accidents and other insurance claims. That’s why Ottawa car insurance rates are cheaper than the neighboring regions. However, you still have room to save more and get even lower premiums, by comparing quotes on Insurance Genie!

Yes, Insurance providers can change their policy rates every quarter. These rates may be approved or rejected by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). Since the prices may vary every few months, it makes sense to compare quotes for cheap car insurance whenever your policy is up for renewal.

Comparing auto insurance quotes on Insurance Genie is free! All you have to do is enter your zip code, and we’ll show you the quotes from your local insurance providers, without charging you a dime!

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