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One of the biggest regions in the GTA, Etobicoke is home to over 365,000 residents. Cozy neighborhoods, low population density, and proximity to other cities make it attractive to working professionals. With multiple highways running through the city, the daily commute here is simple, as is shopping for auto insurance online now, with InsuranceGenie.

InsuranceGenie helps Etobicoke’s residents find cheap car insurance in the easiest way, by sharing a list of local auto insurance quotes in a matter of a few minutes. We know that an educated motorist is a happy motorist because he/she saves big on annual insurance premiums. Experience it for yourself; compare quotes online on InsuranceGenie today!

Here in Etobicoke and anywhere in Ontario, the mandatory car insurance coverage includes:
• Third-party liability ($200,000 minimum coverage)
• Statutory accident benefits coverage
• Direct compensation
• Uninsured automobile coverage

If you want to drive with peace of mind, you can up your liability by hundreds or thousands of dollars; it’s entirely up to you. In the case of an accident, it pays for your legal dues. However, it will amp up your insurance premiums, so if you want to spend less, you can go for just the minimum coverage.

When you buy a new car and/or when your insurance policy is up for renewal, head to InsuranceGenie, and use our free search engine to look for cheap car insurance quotes in Etobicoke. Since insurance companies change rates frequently, it’s wise to compare and look for the best price before buying/renewing car insurance.

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