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When you drive along Ontario Highway 401 through the south of Whitby, or along the smaller lanes of this town, you need to know you’ve got your car covered from possible risks. Everyone knows it’s illegal to drive without insurance in Whitby, or anywhere in Ontario for that matter. However, not everyone knows that there might be a cheaper policy available, than the one they currently have.

Both leisurely drivers and daily commuters need the security of a watertight car insurance plan that covers them against possible payouts due to collisions or accidents. InsuranceGenie is here to assist them along the way! No matter what car you drive, you’ll find the best car insurance policies in Whitby right here at InsuranceGenie. We share online insurance quotes from your top neighborhood auto insurance companies; then all you do is pick the one that matches your needs at the lowest price!

The easiest way to get the ultimate savings is to compare car insurance quotes since rates can be quite competitive. Instead of going the old-fashioned challenging route of calling/emailing insurance providers individually and asking them for quotes, try our quick search tool. It instantly provides quotes from leading insurers in your region.

We offer quotes from a variety of insurers, not just one. Moreover, our services are absolutely free! You don’t have to spend a dime on browsing cheap car insurance quotes in Ontario. All you need to give us is your zip code, and we’ll do the rest.

In Ontario, the mandatory insurance covers a no-fault system. No matter who is at fault in a car accident, both parties contact their own insurance provider for coverage. Here, the at-fault driver need not be pursued for compensation after a collision.

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