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What Coverage does Tenant Insurance offer?

Statistics Canada says less than half the renters in Canada have Tenant or Renter’s Insurance! If you are one of them, you need to ensure that you get the right coverage for your belongings now. Your landlord may have Home Insurance to protect the home, condo, or apartment you live in, but that doesn’t cover your personal items, including your furniture, entertainment equipment, or jewelry. That’s why you need renter’s or tenant’s insurance.

Insurance Genie understands how tough it can be to peruse multiple tenant insurance policies and find the best of both worlds - lower premium with all the coverage you need. We give you quotes from multiple property insurance providers to help you make an informed decision.

Safeguard your belongings

While home and condo insurance covers the building or unit, tenant insurance offers coverage for the small stuff - all your personal items, TV sets, furniture, etc. which can cause a financial setback if they’re damaged in a hazard. And the best part is that most tenant insurance plans allow you to choose the inventory of things you want to be covered in the policy, to avoid paying a higher premium for unimportant items.

Get liability insurance

Renter’s insurance or Tenant Insurance also protects you from liability if visitors injure themselves when they are in your home or condo. In such situations, if the visitor sues you, you can seek coverage under your insurance policy.

Enjoy coverage for multiple risks

Tenant insurance may provide additional coverage for certain risks, whereby if you lose specific possessions due to a covered peril, your insurance plan can help replace them. You can ask your provider to include the risks of your choice and tailor the plan accordingly.

Check out Renter Insurance Plans that fit in your budget

Tenants can financially secure their belongings with the help of the right renter’s insurance plan. The plan also offers liability protection if visitors are injured in the rented apartment or home. Comparing various plans from different providers in the region will help identify the right plan at the best price.

Search for Tenant Insurance quotes on Insurance Genie and become a smart tenant!

Tenants can financially secure their belongings and get benefits of other liability protection, without burning a hole in your pocket. How? Comparing various plans from different providers in your part of the country will help identify the right plan at the best price. Insurance Genie lets you do all that, after which you can secure your quotes and purchase the Tenant Insurance plan that works best for you.

Yes. Home insurance provides coverage of the house (building) and all its contents, while renter’s insurance provides coverage for the tenant’s personal belongings and furniture present in the house.

Renter’s insurance policies may not cover costly collectibles or rare art. Jewelry may be covered up to a certain limit. If you wish to extend the limit, you may need to pay a higher premium.

If you have the liability component in your policy covering pets, then yes. In an event where a guest is bitten by your dog and sues you, the liability component can help cover damages on your behalf.

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