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Pickering is a small town with big dreams. With plenty of job opportunities, it attracts a significant crowd into the bustling town, which increases the number of drivers on Pickering’s roads. Moreover, its location along the GTA’s northwestern edge adds to the traffic situation.

Having a sound car insurance policy is the first step to driving safe here. But buying insurance without evaluating all options means spending more of your hard-earned money on coverage you don’t need. Comparing online insurance quotes on InsuranceGenie throws light on the policies out there - making it more straightforward for you to choose the cheapest plan suited to your needs.

On average, car insurance in Pickering costs $1714 annually. This estimated rate is for a 35-year-old Honda driver with a clean driving history. Depending on your vehicle, driving record, location, and other factors, your premium rates will differ.

All insurance companies sell policies more than or equal to the minimum level of coverage that the Ontario government mandates. However, car insurance is still flexible, and there are various coverage options over and above the mandatory requirements. Hence car insurance quotes vary vastly, depending on the coverage and adjustments pertaining to drivers’ budgets and needs.

Several determinants affect Auto Insurance rates. If you want to lower your premiums, you can opt for lower coverage, switch to winter tires, bundle auto and home insurance, etc. The best way to find the cheapest car insurance plan is to compare insurance quotes online, on a portal like InsuranceGenie.

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