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What must you know before buying Motorcycle Insurance?

Riding around the block, on the busy downtown streets, or the open road takes more than just great riding skills. What you need is sound protection for your ride, which can come to the rescue in case of an unexpected mishap. The Canadian law requires every motorcycle owner to have a basic motorcycle insurance, but how much coverage you need is up to you to decide. Whether you're getting a standard motorcycle or a cruiser or a bike, it's wise to have a motorcycle insurance policy that'll meet your coverage needs and still be within your budget.

Insurance Genie brings a host of Canadian Motorcycle/Bike Insurers in your province under one roof, helping you compare rates in the quickest time possible. We give you loads of choice so you can pay less and protect your motorcycle better.

Motorcycle Insurance typically offers?

Liability coverage for motorcycles

Each province in Canada mandates basic Motorcycle Insurance which includes liability coverage, that is, if your motorcycle injures someone or damages their property in an accident. It also typically comprises accident benefits for you and your kin in case of injury or death during a crash on the motorcycle.

Direct compensation insurance

If you choose a Motorcycle Insurance plan that covers direct compensation benefits, you can claim damages to your motorcycle even when you're not responsible for the accident. Ensure the limits are sufficient for your needs, and if not, you can increase coverage by paying a higher premium.

Coverage regarding uninsured automobiles

Uninsured Automobile Insurance typically takes care of your damages and medical bills if the erring driver is uninsured. You can claim damages from your own insurer in such situations.

Specified perils, all perils and collision coverage

While specified perils coverage protects you in case of certain hazards like fire, hail, floods, and theft, all perils cover a broader range of damage causes. Another type of coverage for motorcycles is collision or upset coverage, which safeguards your motorcycle against collisions with other vehicles or objects.


Yes. Driving an uninsured motorcycle is against the law in Canada. But that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on insurance. Compare Motorcycle insurance quotes right now on Insurance Genie and opt for an economic policy with the appropriate coverage.

Canadian insurance providers offer motorcycle insurances for M, M1, and M2 licenses. An M1 permit is ideal for a cruiser or standard motorcycle from the perspective of insurers, while an M2 is for slower scooters. When you request quotes at Insurance Genie, the insurers provide you with plans that would be ideal for your vehicle and permit type based on the details you've provided in your search.

If you don't want to use your motorcycle in the winter and plan to take it out for rides only in the spring and summer, you still need to buy insurance for the whole year. Your premiums with be calculated with riding season in mind, but you'll also get coverage for the off-season.

To get cheap Motorcycle Insurance you need to compare quotes from several providers and pick the most reasonably priced plan, that works for your Motorcycle type. Your premiums also depend on your past driving record, any certifications that you have, and whether you have a security system or not.

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