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Based on your details, our Advisors request proposals from the best Life Insurance providers in your province, which we then help you compare. And finally, you can secure the quote that offers maximum protection for you and your family, at an unbeatable price. All this, with an expert right with you to guide you every step of the way.


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Share your postal code with us so we can collate a list of competitive quotes from the top and trusted insurers in your region in Canada. Then, pick the ones that tick all your checkboxes for coverage and benefits, but also align well with your budget.


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After you get the list of quotes, you'll be talking to a Life Insurance expert from InsuranceGenie. This is where they'll ask you a few quick questions about your health, lifestyle, and medical history. Also, during the process of finalizing your plan and premium rates, you may be required to take a standard medical examination.


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Based on the results of the questionnaire and your medical tests (if applicable), your rate will be confirmed. Now, you can buy the policy and rest assured that you've done your bit to secure your life and the future of your loved ones.

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Life Insurance is crucial - Why wait to get it?

You worry about your loved ones all the time – and if they are financially dependent on you, your concerns may multiply. Life insurance helps take some of that worry away by securing their future in your absence. While it takes care of their needs in case of your passing, it also protects them from any unpaid credit debt, mortgage payments, or loans that you may have taken.

There are two kinds of Life Insurance that you can get quotes for at InsuranceGenie—Permanent Life Insurance and Lifestyle Protection Plans.
Permanent Life Insurance, also called, whole life insurance as it provides lifetime coverage, comes with the added benefit of accumulating cash value over time. It's an affordable option to protect your family, cover your final expenses and lead a stress-free life knowing that you had done what you needed to do to safeguard the wellbeing of your loved ones in your absence.
Lifestyle Protection Plan, as the name suggests, gives you coverage to protect your lifestyle in case of unexpected events such as death, critical illness, disability, accidents, hospitalization and more.

What factors to consider when buying Life Insurance

Choose the term for your Life Insurance plan

You can pick a Whole Life policy or a Permanent Life Insurance plan that gives you lifetime coverage, or a 10-year or 20-year Term plan that secures you for the selected period. Depending on your age, responsibilities, and financial goals, you can choose the term that suits you the most.

Identify the coverage you need

Got a stay-at-home spouse that’s dependant on you? Or a college-going kid whose education expenses you take care of? Or perhaps you’re a senior wanting to take care of your funeral expenses? Depending on the coverage you seek, InsuranceGenie can help you find a suitable policy at reasonable prices.

Lifestyle protection plans you need

To safeguard yourself from a critical illness, disability or other such unexpected events, you can consider getting additional coverage over and above your Life Insurance. Plans such as Critical Illness, Long-term Care and Disability Insurance provide a living benefit that comes with a lump-sum amount that you receive in case you find yourself in any of these situations. You can use this amount to cover your medical bills and other expenses, or use it to provide for your family.

Fastest access to the best Life Insurance deals in Canada

Life insurance is a must for people of all age groups. Whether you’re a young couple with children or a senior with no dependents, you need a good life insurance policy that covers everything from dependants’ expenses to your funeral costs. At InsuranceGenie, you can compare different quotes and figure out which one gives you the necessary coverage without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

Insurance Genie knows that every individual’s insurance needs are different. That’s why we believe that exploring all the available options makes sense before making a purchase. We help you get the appropriate coverage at the best rate by providing you with the best quotes from your region. You will also have access to an Insurance expert from InsuranceGenie to guide you with understanding your specific coverage needs, taking a medical exam if required, comparing the quotes and buying the selected Life Insurance plan from the insurer.

Your Life Insurance coverage depends on several factors—age, number of dependants, lifestyles such as smoking habits, current savings, existing liabilities, and present income. Based on all these determinants, you can work with our Advisor to calculate the amount of coverage you need to secure your life and that of your loved ones.

There are two main types of life insurance - Term life policies that cover you for a specified time frame, and Whole Life or Permanent Life Insurance policies that cover you for lifetime. Term policies tend to be cheaper than Whole Life.

Most insurers ask you to take a simple medical exam, typically to check your weight, blood pressure, blood samples, past illness history, etc. This helps them understand your risk profile and draft the policy premiums accordingly

Even if you don’t have kids’ education or upbringing to consider, you need to think about your loans, credit card bills, and mortgage. Moreover, funeral costs can also become a financial burden on your loved ones while they deal with the setback of losing you. A sound Life Insurance plan takes care of such expenses at the time of unexpected loss of life.

Usually younger, healthier people can avail cheaper Life Insurance. So try to buy a suitable plan when you’re younger. Don’t smoke; smokers pay more for life protection. Also, compare plans at InsuranceGenie so that you can check out all your options from different Life Insurance providers in Canada and pick the most economical and beneficial one.

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