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Why you need Home Insurance, and how we help you with that?

Your home is your fortress of solitude. It is also your biggest asset, and it contains all your prized possessions. So what happens if an unfortunate incident threatens your home and hearth? That’s when a good home insurance policy protects you and helps you cover the expenses to build your fortress again.

InsuranceGenie helps you compare quotes for different types of properties - Home, Condo, and Rented property. Having home insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but it helps you sleep soundly at night when you know you’ve done everything in your ability to protect your dwelling space.

Secure your belongings

Home insurance gives you coverage for the house (building) itself along with all your personal property (contents inside the house). If you have certain rare or expensive items like collectibles, jewelry, or fine arts, you can buy additional coverage for them.

Choose between All Risks & Named Perils

At InsuranceGenie, you can take a look at both types of home insurance plans: All-Risk Home Insurance which covers loss due to an earthquake, war, electric damage, theft, etc. and Named Peril Home Insurance that includes only those damages that are listed in the policy. Depending on your budget and coverage needs, you can pick the plan that suits you best.

Get property damage coverage

You can also look at Home or Property Insurance Policies that cover property damage to others’ homes. For example, if a house fire spreads to your neighbor’s house as well, you can claim voluntary damage payment through your home insurance policy.

Explore unbiased search results

InsuranceGenie shows unbiased results from a wide range of property insurance providers in Canada. Our network covers some of the most trusted property insurance providers so you can get the best quotes in your region. Choose the home/condo/tenant insurance plan that safeguards only what you need, and save more without compromising on security.

What are you waiting for? Take the first step toward protecting your Home now!

Buying a home is a considerable investment. You don’t want to risk losing it, without having financial protection to help you rebuild it in case of an unfortunate incident. Damages due to fires, floods, theft, the weight of snow, etc. may severely affect you and your family. A good home insurance policy helps you in such situations and keeps you financially secured. With the right policy, you can enjoy maximum benefits without spending a fortune. Find the plan that meets your preferences by comparing the best plans in the market!

Is Home Insurance necessary?

Yes. Mortgage or no mortgage, we recommend you take a home insurance plan in any case. The possible financial threat and setback due to natural calamities or accidents are too big to ignore.

In Canada, the Property or Home Insurance policies available are for - Homeowners (Home Insurance), Condo owners (Condo Insurance), and Tenants (Tenants Insurance or Renter's Insurance or Rental Property Insurance). Irrespective of the type of home you stay in, you can take advantage of the right insurance plan.

Insurers consider various factors to formulate property or home insurance premium rates – the size of the property, location, type of residence, contents, past claims, age of the building, type of heating and electric wiring, etc.

Home insurance plans usually cover your building and detached garage or tool shed, along with the contents inside, such as gadgets, appliances, apparel, etc. You may also enjoy benefits like additional living expenses when you have to evacuate due to fire or other damage, and legal liability against someone who may be injured on your property.

Unless you specifically buy coverage for the following in your home insurance policy, you may not enjoy coverage for home maintenance, damage due to insects, intentional damage and the damages that could be easily avoided with basic care.

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