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What do Condo Insurance Plans cover?

I am a condo owner; do I need to buy a Condo Insurance? Why yes, you sure do! While the condominium corporation will insure the building, you need a separate policy to safeguard your condo unit in case of misfortunes such as flood, fire, or theft. Your condo insurance policy will also provide financial protection, should any of your personal items like electronics, appliances, and apparel get damaged due to such misfortunes.

InsuranceGenie helps you compare Condo Insurance quotes from top Property Insurance providers in your region, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re prepared for any unfortunate events that may threaten your living space.

Protect your Condo

Condo insurance comes with coverage for the condo unit and interiors along with your belongings present in the residence, such as furniture, bathtubs, clothes, and gadgets. You can also add the inventory of things you want to be covered explicitly, such as new cabinets in the kitchen shelving.

Pick either All Risks or Named Perils

While All-Risk condo insurance will cover loss caused by a wide umbrella of hazards, Named Peril condo insurance will only cover those specifically listed in the policy. Depending on your budget and coverage needs, you can compare quotes at InsuranceGenie and pick between either of these insurance types for your condo.

Get coverage for improvements

Condo insurance also typically covers any changes you make in your condo unit to renovate the space. This includes adding new flooring or renovating one or more of the rooms.

Safeguard your immovable items

If the condo corporation does not provide sufficient coverage for the immovable items of your unit, such as the kitchen countertop, bathroom sink, or bathtub, you can include these items in your condo insurance plan.

So, do the right thing. Protect your Condo.

Condo owners can secure their property and all its contents with a good Condo Insurance policy. In addition to protecting your Condo and the contents within, some policies also provide liability protection in situations where someone is injured in your condo. By differentiating and evaluating different Condo insurance policies at InsuranceGenie, you can find the right quote for your property.

Is Condo Insurance really necessary?

Yes. Since your condo corporation will cover the building, you need to financially secure your condo from vandals and natural catastrophes.

Condo insurance policies will cover the unit along with its interiors, furniture, personal belongings and immovable items like sinks and counters.

Extremely expensive collectibles and fine art are typically not covered under condo insurance. If you want to secure these too, you can opt for additional coverage in the policy plan.

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