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Why Do You Need Car Insurance?

Your car is your trusted companion. And how can you not insure the wellbeing of your companion? That's why basic auto or car insurance is mandatory in every province of Canada. However, the benefits, coverage and cost vary regionally.

Depending on your budget and the type of vehicle you drive, you can choose the best car insurance plans offered by the top insurance providers in your region. Whether you're looking for car insurance for your brand new car or looking to upgrade your old car/auto insurance policy, you've come to the right place. For, here is where you will have access to the best insurance quotes in the industry, tailor-made to match your preferences in terms of coverage, benefits, and premium costs.

What does Car Insurance typically cover?

Enhanced liability insurance

Liability insurance for cars is required by law; it provides coverage if you injure someone or damage property accidentally. Car insurance coverage generally includes hospital bills, legal fees, and other expenses, within the monetary limits of your auto/car insurance plan. If you drive a car for commercial reasons, you may need a higher liability limit.

Collision or upset coverage

You also need coverage to financially protect you if your car gets damaged due to collision with another car or object. If the vehicle rolls over, gets totaled, or is damaged beyond repair, collision insurance covers the cost of its replacement.

Coverage against perils other than collision

Comprehensive car insurance policies in Canada typically take care of repairs for vehicle damage due to reasons other than collision. Some of these reasons include bad weather, fire, theft, flooding and vandalism.

Accident benefits for drivers

This type of car/auto insurance coverage helps you cover the expenses of medical care if you meet with an accident and are injured. It may also come with income replacement benefits if you are unable to work due to the injury.

Vintage car coverage

If you own a classic or vintage car, you need to ensure it's covered adequately in your policy. Classic car insurance may give you added value coverage, a huge liability amount, coverage for spare parts, accident benefits, collision coverage, and more.

Uninsured and underinsured motorists

Uninsured motorist insurance coverage protects you and your vehicle in the event of an injury or damage caused by drivers without liability insurance. Similarly, underinsured motorist insurance helps you when the driver at fault does not have enough coverage to pay for the damages caused during the accident.

InsuranceGenie helps you get the best Car Insurance deal. How?

Comparing car or auto insurance quotes online helps save money, time and take home more benefits. InsuranceGenie is your speedy and simple insurance comparison buddy. A couple of clicks and just a few minutes - that’s what you invest for getting a list of auto/car insurance policies from different car insurance providers in your region. You don’t have to make multiple calls or browse through various websites to find the right plan.

InsuranceGenie helps you make the right decision when you purchase car insurance, by providing a wide array of policy choices. You then compare the quotes depending on your budget and ideal coverage needs, secure the quote or the car insurance policy that works best for you and your car.

Yes. To legally drive a car in Canada, you need a car/auto insurance policy. Most territories mandate basic liability coverage for all cars. You can opt for a policy that caters to your specific needs.

You can choose an All Perils policy that offers coverage for all perils including collisions, vandalism, and natural calamities, except the hazards, expressly excluded in the plan.

Your ideal coverage can depend on a variety of factors - your vehicle type, your frequency of driving, your past driving record, driving experience, etc. These are the factors that, the car insurance calculator systems used by the car insurance companies in Canada, consider before providing you with the best car/auto insurance quotes.

It is a specific type of car insurance that provides compensation to the insurer, irrespective of who is at fault. Your insurance provider pays out the benefits in this type of coverage, saving you the hassle of going to the at-fault driver’s provider to claim compensation.

If you're looking to buy car insurance in Ontario, you must first know about the G Licensing System implemented by the state. Ontario follows a graduated licensing system that has 3 levels - G1, G2, and full G license.

G1- This is equivalent to a learner's license. To get a G1 license, you need to pass a written knowledge test. A G1 license holder has to wait for 12 months or 8 months (for those who have completed their driver training course) to get a G2 license. The condition to drive for G1 license holders is that they should at all times have a fully licensed driver (holding the license for at least 4 years) in the passenger seat.

G2- To get a G2 license, you need to pass a road test and wait for another 12 months before you could get the full G license. The difference between G1 and G2 is that G2 license permits you to drive alone, without the mandatory presence of a fully licensed driver.

Full G- After 12 months of getting the G2 license, you need to pass another road test to get a full G license. If you're an immigrant or belong to another province, you may directly get a full G license if you're able to provide your driving history in your last place of residence.

When buying car/auto insurance online, you will have to provide the Date of issue of all the 3 levels of G licenses. Here's how this works at InsuranceGenie.

1. First, we ask you the Date of issue on your full G license. This is because some clients may not have a G2 or G1 license. This license should be your most recent license.

2. Next, we ask you whether or not you have a G2 license.
If your answer is No, we require no further action from you.
However, if you answer with a Yes, we ask you for the Date of issue of your G2 license.

For this, our system will accept dates only prior to 12 months or more, from the date of issue of your full G license. Because there's a waiting period of a year between the issuing of a G2 and full G license.

3. Lastly, we ask you if you've had a G1 license.
Again, no action required if your answer is No.
But, if your answer is Yes, we ask you to enter the date of issue of your G1 license.

For this section too, our system will only accept dates prior to 12 months or 8 months (if you have taken the driver training course), or before from the date of issue of your G2 license.

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