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InsuranceGenie is all about assuring you of finding the right policy at the best price. Being one of the top insurance comparison sites in Canada, our mission is to help you compare prices in the easiest, quickest and smartest way.

Most consumers don’t know that they may be eligible for a cheaper insurance plan with the coverage they need/want. They pay huge premiums every month, spending much more than what is necessary. Are you one of them? If you're not sure what rates are ideal for your coverage needs or feel overwhelmed with all the options in the market, then you can ask InsuranceGenie to lend a helping hand. We partner with multiple Canadian insurance providers, and we list their Home, Auto, Life and Health insurance insurance rates for you, along with their features and benefits. All you have to do is provide a few basic details to view and compare insurance quotes online at InsuranceGenie.

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If you're not sure about how Insurance Genie works, want some advice or if you have any question for us, don’t hesitate to talk to our insurance experts directly.

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